Monday, October 24, 2011

The Daily 5

The Daily 5 is a wonderfully effective, easy-to-implement strategy for introducing meaningful literacy into your curriculum. The Daily 5 has (predictably) five main elements:

Each of these routines gives children the chance to explore literacy on their own terms, take ownership of their reading and writing, and come to enjoy engaging with words and language for their own merits. Over the course of the first six weeks or so of school, each of the Daily 5 activities is introduced individually, with its own routines and procedures designed to maximize student success. Once students are familier with all the routines, they are allowed to chose what order they want to do them in. During the time students are engaged with independent literacy, the teacher is free to meet with small guided reading groups or individual students. 

Primarily, the Daily Five is geared towards kindergarten and first grade classrooms where students are just learning to read. However, they can easily be adapted for older students as well, even up through the middle school level. No matter how old students are or what proficiency level they have, they all need the opportunity to read independently, to explore reading with other students, to listen to performances of text, to write, and to play with words and language.

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  1. I think this is a center I will have in my classroom. I believe this will get kids excited about reading and writing as they can choose their favorite genre so in a sense they get to make a choice about their own learning.